Clients may choose to have us either concentrate our efforts on one species, or to vary our fishing techniques for both.  These trips take place on reservoirs owned by the City of New York.  Long known for the trophy brown trout they produce, most anglers have ignored the super smallmouth fishery that also exists. Recently we have begun to receive more inquiries about this great sportfish and have decided to provide our clients with the option of fishing for them.  An “Access Permit” issued by the New York City DEP is required to fish these reservoirs, but there is currently no charge for the permit and they are available online.  After completing a brief application, the permit and vehicle parking tag is issued directly through your computer printer.  We have provided a link to the New York City DEP. 

Only rowboats are permitted on these waters and there is an occupancy limit of 3 people per boat.  This is very deep water and fish are sometimes found suspended far below the surface.  We have the knowledge and electronic equipment to aid in locating these fish, as well as the equipment to reach them.  We employ a variety of fishing techniques depending on the species targeted and the water and weather conditions.

      TROUT - Opening date:  April 1 ( except that no boats are permitted until reservoirs are free of ice. )

      SMALLMOUTH BASS - Opening date: 3rd Saturday in June ( except that catch and release with artificial lures only is permitted prior to the opener.)

Closing dates vary between September 30 and October 15 depending on the reservoir.
CREEL & SIZE LIMITS also vary.
A link is provided to the New York State DEC where you can obtain additional information and apply for a fishing license

RATES:  ( includes the use of equipment and bait ) 
      CURRENT FULL DAY - 175.00 per day.  ADD A FISHING PARTNER FOR ONLY 25.00 per day.
      CURRENT HALF DAY - 140.00 per day.  ADD A FISHING PARTNER FOR ONLY 15.00 per day.