(DEER & BEAR)   Archery / Gun / Muzzleloading
We pride ourselves in our honesty and the truth is that, in recent years, several factors have caused the quality of the deer hunting to drop off in many areas.  Efforts are being made by the State of New York, and others, to turn this situation around.  However, it has reduced our ability to provide a quality hunt and it is due to this fact that we are only offering a limited number of hunts at this time.  We are currently exploring other opportunities that may dramatically increase our ability to offer additional quality hunts. 

The bear population seems to be increasing or at least holding its own in most of the areas we hunt.  We may sometimes be fortunate in finding a food source that bear are working but, since New York prohibits the use of dogs or bait, most bear are harvested as a bonus by deer hunters.


New York’s Big Game Seasons vary depending on location.  The areas we hunt are within the “Southern Zone”.   Our Big Game hunting begins with the Early Archery Season in mid-October and ends with the close of the Late Archery and Muzzleloading Seasons in mid-December.  New York has been in the process of modifying season dates and various other regulations in an effort to improve the quality of the deer hunting.

A link is provided to the New York State DEC where you can obtain additional information and apply for licenses and permits  


WE HAVE STRUCTURED OUR RATES TO PUT THE BURDEN OF FINDING GAME ON US.  We charge a small amount to take you out and charge an additional Trophy Fee only when you actually get your shot.

CURRENT RATES - 175.00 per day plus the following Trophy Fee  for each game animal.
DEER: Legal Buck (minimum of 3” antler) - 200.00       
Doe (or Buck with under 3” antler) - 150.00       
BEAR - 300.00